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Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 25, 2023

Self Enumeration Registration 2024 Self-Enumeration is a novel idea that allows each Pakistani citizen to register himself during the 7th Digital Census by visiting PBS Enumeration App 2024 downloads or go to Pakistan self PBS Gov PK to access the Login Portal. Self-enumeration is a concept that operates on the same basis as the Census. The Self Enumeration Portal in Pakistan is an easy way that allows Pakistani citizens to take their census while sitting in the convenience of their homes. Anyone in the house or family member will be eligible to register himself as well as all members of his household or family who are eating and living together as one family.

Self-Enumeration Registration Portal Login 2024

This is a user-friendly method that allows individuals to register themselves as well as family members. It is therefore an efficient method of registration for anyone in the household along with the entire family. It’s a technological breakthrough in Pakistan and is the first in Pakistan’s history and is available via a web-based platform and an application.
In the new system of self-enumeration, different centers such as Hostel, Hotel, Madrassah, Orphanage, Old House, Jail, Rehabilitation Centre such as Edhi or others are considered to be Collective Households. Registration 2024 Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications, Syed Amin ul Haque inaugurated the self-enumeration website of the 7th Population and Housing Census 2024, on the 21st day of February, when PBS will conduct Pakistan’s first Digital Population and Housing Census. Self-Enumeration does not apply to households that are collectively owned.

Self-Enumeration Registration Online

If you’d like to use Census or Self Enumeration, you can download it from the Play Store. Census as well as the Self Enumeration App, you can download easily through Google Play Store.

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The Self-Enumeration Representative Government will visit the Collective Residency, and the representative will register each of the residents. After you’ve downloaded the app then you’ll have to enter the details for yourself as well as those in your immediate family.

Www Self Enumeration Web App Registration 2024

This will make it simpler for every one of the household as well as individual citizens to sign up for this new system of self-enumeration. After all the information has been completed, you’ll be given a unique code specific to the city or district you reside in. The self-enumeration online link will go live on 20 February 2024, so make sure to visit the PBS self-enumeration page to register.self enumeration registration

Self Enumeration App Pakistan Download 2024

Be sure to save this number, which is also known as the UTN number. UTN number.7. Self Enumeration 7th Registration via is now in progress. It is the UTN number given to the teacher or enumerator in your school district who is accountable for collecting the information. Please visit the link to create your account. This number will be used to enter your data into the system that is for your city.

How To Download Self Enumeration App Free?

Click on Register or Sign Up to register on your first visit. This UTN Number is made available to the self-enumeration or census teams in your city, so they can check the information and verify that it is correct. Fill out the registration form with care. With self Enumeration portal App It is simple to input household details for the 7th Census of Population and Housing Census.

Self-Enumeration Portal:7th Population & Housing Census
Register/Create Account:Click Here
Portal Login:Click Here
Registration Start:February 20, 2024
Last Date:3 March 2024 2024 Last Date

The Communal Households consist of institutions such as the jail, hostel madrasah, rehabilitation center orphanage, as well as old houses, among others. Once this milestone is achieved, Pakistan will become the first nation in South Asia to offer the option of self-enumeration apps” Chief of the Census, Dr. Naeem uz Zafar appraised the participants at the ceremony. Self-Enumeration IS NOT PERMITTED FOR COLLECTIVE HOUSING.

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