Nursery Class Syllabus 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 25, 2023

Nursery Class Syllabus, We’ve collected the latest nursery syllabus that is free to download in pdf format and use to make a study plan for your child. The initial childhood years provide an opportunity to influence the development of their child. When we created this nursery school syllabus, we aimed to remember that it shouldn’t be limited to the topics suggested by the boards but should include activities and subjects that help develop thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to grasp. In the Aflatot curriculum, 3 to 6-year-olds are taught the fundamentals of financial and social literacy before they enter primary school. The main purpose of the nursery curriculum is to make sure that the seeds of learning are growing within your children. A lot of what they know about spending, saving, and utilizing resources is from their everyday routine.

Nursery Syllabus for CBSE, ICSE, and Cambridge Boards -2023

Every year, different boards such as CBSE, ICSE, Cambridge, and state boards publish their guidelines for the nursery curriculum but it’s the same as the last few years. Even before financial concepts are mastered, basic concepts like making the best use of the resources at hand, i.e. “finishing off one’s food, or ‘buying only the essentials is a common practice. Nursery Class Syllabus 2024

Www.cambridgeinternational.orgIt’s never easy to figure out what to teach your children With the curriculum in place, you can get the best point to start with. Preschool is the age at which children usually develop a preference for time. The nursery worksheets and these guidelines design a personalized education plan for your child. They discover that there are occasions when it’s better to hold off on something instead of having it now.

Nursery Class Syllabus PDF 2024

The syllabus for nursery English will cover topics that will help the children to recognize the alphabet, lower and upper cases, the various styles of writing, the basics of vocabulary, and sentence structure. The ability to defer gratification is a skill Aflatot can help them acquire.

CBSE Nursery Syllabus in 2024

The curriculum for maths in the nursery includes basic concepts such as weight, size, tracking and counting from 1 to 20, and comprehending and identifying the basic shapes and colors. As young as three years old are taught the social virtues of sharing and giving, not just through gifts or tangible objects, however, they also interact with other children.

Nursery Class Syllabus PDF 2024

General awareness is about understanding and being aware of the basic information on the people we meet and climates, as well as different kinds of animals, as well as basic transportation systems.nursery class syllabus

Yearly Syllabus For Nursery, Jr.KG. And Sr.KG. (2023)

Other life skills that are taught in Aflatot include taking turns making decisions, and setting goals. Nursery classes are the beginning of an academic career. it may seem simple, but it is a critical stage in which children are taught the basics of their surroundings and a part of the alphabet, shapes, number systems, and colors.

PRE-Nursery Syllabus 2024

We believe that even at their earliest age, children are highly competent and skilled regardless of their background as well as their experiences, ages, and experiences. Research has shown that over 70% of the human personality develops before the age of 6 years.

Nursery Class Syllabus English 2024

Children are enthusiastic, self-motivated learners who are eager to learn about the world around them and are most effective with the help of adults. In the end, Educational experts think that Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the most significant aspect of the education system.

SrNursery Syllabus for Environment & MannersClick Here
1.Awareness of good eating habitsDownload Online
2.Saying ‘No’ to junk foodDownload Online
3.Eat healthy foodDownload Online
4.Importance of greeneryDownload Online
5.Planting treesDownload Online
6.Discussion n good health and hygieneDownload Online
7.Self-groomingDownload Online
8.Use of dustbinsDownload Online
9.Importance and purpose of animalsDownload Online
10.Discussion on respecting and protecting animals and birdsDownload Online
11.Basic manners like using thank you, please & sorryDownload Online
12.Differentiation between living & non-living thingsDownload Online


SrNursery SubjectClick Here
1.Nursery English.Download
2.Nursery Mathematics.Download
3.Nursery Environmental Studies (Nursery EVS)Download
4.Rhymes and Stories.Download
5.Arts and Crafts.Download
6.General Activity.Download

Syllabus 2024– Cambridge School

Below I will give you the complete syllabus for Nursery CBSE for all subjects. Thus, the majority of our interests, as well as our levels of concentration and talents, are developed during this period. The teachers in this classroom helped children learn through play and songs. Pre-primary is the most crucial time in the child’s life.

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