Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 11, 2023

The Prize Bonds Schedule for 2024 starting from JAN 2024 – DEC 2024 National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule for 2024 commences on 01 January 2024 until 15 December 2024. National Savings Pakistan has announced the Prize Bond Schedule 2024. Prize Bond Schedules are available in amounts of PKR 100 200, 750, 1500 7500, and 15000 as well as 40000 premium Prize Bonds from January through December. In accordance with the Prize Bond Schedule, the Prize Bond Draw is held in different cities in Pakistan.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 From January To December 2024

The government has announced this scheme of prize bonds for everyday citizens who are interested or involved. are able to get all the details about their prize bond. Every Prize Bond comes with a number of prizes. denominations of Rs. 100 200, 750, 1500 7500, 15000 25000 40000, Premium Bond, and more. Prize Bond draws are held every quarter. The full Prize Bond Schedule for 2024 between January 2024 and December 2024 is provided below.

SAVINGS.GOV.PK Prize Bond Schedule 2024 per the Prize Bond Schedule, the Prize Bond Draw is held in various cities in Pakistan. Get the National Savings Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024, including dates and cities. Each Prize Bond offers a variety of prizes that are available for denominations of Rs.100 200, 750 1,500, 7500, 15000 25, 20000, 40000, or Premium Bond. Prize Bond Schedule

The National Savings of Pakistan every year, they announce an announcement of the schedules for prize bonds for the following full year during the month of October or November.

prize bond schedule 2024 state bank of Pakistan

This will be applicable to the following year’s monthly draw. Award Bond Schedule 2024 Lottery bonds are a kind of government bond that which certain bonds are randomly chosen that are part of the issue and are exchanged for a greater amount over the amount of face value.

200 prize bond schedule 2024

The prize bond calendar is set by dates and each bond is scheduled every four years to be a part of the balloting so that each is issued after three months. National Savings from Pakistan is the organizer of Qurandazi, which is 100 200, 750, 7500 1500, 15000, and a prize bond of 25000 rupees every year four times. The month of January’s first month is divided into two draws, 15000 and 75 prize bonds. See the schedule of the draw for prizes bond 100,200, 750 7500 1500, 15000, and 25000 for 2024.

750 prize bond schedule 2024

This is a timetable that was announced through the National savings of Pakistan and will be announced when the draw will be held, where and the denominations drawn will take place. Furthermore, it is important to note that the Prize bonds are drawn by a group of people appointed by the Central Directorate of National Savings and are accessible to the general public. In February, two denominations of 25,000 and 7,500 will be announced at the beginning of February. 1000 and 100 prize bonds in February’s middle.

Rs.750/-17 January 2024Peshawar
Rs.25000/-10 March 2024Rawalpindi
Rs.1500/-15 February 2024Muzaffarabad
Rs.100/-15 February 2024Hyderabad
Rs.40000/-10 March 2024Quetta
Rs.200/-15 December 2024Lahore
Rs.750/-15 April 2024Karachi
Rs.25000/-12 September 2024Hyderabad
Rs.1500/-17 May 2024Rawalpindi
Rs.100/-17 May 2024Faisalabad
Rs.40000/-10 June 2024Muzaffarabad
Rs.200/-15 March 2024Multan
Rs.750/-15 July 2024Lahore
Rs.25000/-12 December 2024Faisalabad
Rs.1500/-16 August 2024Peshawar
Rs.100/-16 August 2024Muzaffarabad
Rs.40000/-12 September 2024Karachi
Rs.200/-15 June 2024Hyderabad
Rs.750/-15 October 2024Quetta
Rs.25000/-01 November 2024Lahore
Rs.1500/-15 November 2024Karachi
Rs.100/-15 November 2024Rawalpindi
Rs.40000/-12 December 2024Multan
Rs.200/-15 September 2024Faisalabad

download the prize bond schedule for 2024

The prize bonds that are awarded are drawn by the Home Owners Development Model (HODM) (HODM), which is normally operated by specially-trained children in the presence of Committee members as well as members of the public who are attending the ceremony of drawing.

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