40000 Prize Bond List 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 11, 2023

You can find your draw #21 40000 R. Prize Bond list of results here on the internet. Prize Bond 40000 draw results for 2024 are now available. Balloting for Lucky Draw No. 21 of Rs. 40000 prize bond was issued on the streets of Muzaffarabad city on June 10, 2024. It is recommended that there be regular information on updates to the National Savings 40000 Prize Bond for the general population. You can also find the full list of denominations for the Rs.40000 prize bond starting from the 1st draw until the latest draw by visiting the official website online.

Rs. 40000 Prize Bond list 10 June 2024 Draw# 21 Result Check

When you choose the draw number for the prize bond 40000 You can search for past draw results. You may also look up the list of 40000 prize bond results as of June 10, 2024, per the schedule published by the National Bank of Pakistan. They will be capable of keeping track of the number of draws to track the winning bond amount of $40000. State Bank conducts the voting for the 40000 rupees. Prize bonds.

savings.gov.pk List 2024

savings.gov.pkThe Rs. 40000 premium-priced list of Pakistan’s national savings was released on the 10th of June 2024 in Muzaffarabad the city in which the event took place.  The first winner of the prize bond of Rs. 40000. prize bond with a value of 80,000,000 PRK is awarded to one lucky winner. The second prize of the prize bond is 40000 worth 30,000,000 rupees. 30,000,000 is awarded to three lucky winners.

40000 prize bond result on 10 June 2024

Second and first place prizes of the Bond 40000 Premium 2024 Draw numbers 21 winners are displayed in a vibrantly colorful and bold style. The final and third prize of the prize bond worth 40000 will be awarded to 660 winners with a value in the range of Rs. 500,000/- each. These results from the draw in 2024 on the RS. 40000 Premium Award Bonds are included alongside additional prizes towards the end of the final list.

prize bond schedule 2024

State bank conducts the balloting to determine the amount of 40000 Rs. Prize bonds. Draw No. 21 of Rs. $40000 premium prize Bond which was released in Muzaffarabad on June 10, 2024. The first prize the 40000 rupees. prize bond with a value of 80 million PRK is awarded to one lucky winner. Meanwhile, the 2nd prize from the prize bond worth Rs.30,000,000 is given to three lucky winners.40000 prize bond list

prize bond list 40000 premium 2024

The draw is comprised of 1 prize worth Rs. 80,000,000/-, three prizes worth 30,000,000/- each, and 3 prizes of. 30,00,000,000/-, and the 660 winners of Rs. 500,000/- each. National Savings of Pakistan 40000 Premium Prize Draw List June 10, 2024. You can find the complete list of the Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bonds Draw 21, which was held on 10th June 2024 at Muzaffarabad here.

prize bond list 40000 online checks 2024

The 40000 premium prize bond draw is no 21 Muzaffarabad to save. You can also look up your prize bond number in the list to see whether you’ve been awarded any prizes or make use of our free feature the Power Search. 25000 Rs. Premium Prize Bond List 10 June 2024.

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 80000000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 30000000 PKR


3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 500000 PKR


25000 prize bond list 2024

gov. pk. Check online the 40000 prize bond 17 complete list 10.06.2023 through saving.gov.pk here. It is possible to save Prize Bond numbers in our Prize Bond Wallet and get no-cost results via WhatsApp following each draw. Download this Premium Prize Bond 40000 on June 10, 2024, draw results online, and then find your winning lucky number.

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