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Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: February 17, 2023

Welcome to the TESCO Billing website.TESCO Online Bill – Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company (TESCO) is an acronym for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company.  Here you can get your TESCO duplicate bill for free.TESCO increases customer service and offers a variety of amenities to its consumers.  You can quickly see the bill amount and due date and then see the full bill.TESCO is a company that provides energy to tribal areas.  You can also print or download the billing picture. One of the most useful services is online billing. So, enter the bill reference number below to see your Tesco online bill. Then all of your troubles will be solved since you will find all of your answers on this page. Your power bills can be viewed and paid online. You don’t need to go to the bank, worry about your credit card, or go to the post office. Top of Form Bottom of Form Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company (TESCO) is one of the leading and most well-known Electric Power Distribution companies in Pakistan.

TESCO Duplicate Bill Online By Reference No @ bill.pitc.com.pk

All of your concerns and bill payments will be handled solely through the use of your mobile phone and one crucial piece of information known as the consumer reference number. Since its inception in August 2004, it has provided Electricity to the people of the former Tribal Agencies and FRs.Locate your reference number from your statement to verify your TESCO bill online.  Moreover, it is the Only Distribution Company that is providing electricity to the consumers of these areas.

www.tesco.gov.pk Duplicate Bill Online 2024

bill.pitc.comIt will be a 14-digit number inscribed in a box on the bill, usually near the top corner. If you’re still having trouble locating your bill’s reference number, please contact us. Hence, all the Construction and Maintenance Work is also done by the TESCO workers. We’ll show you how to complete all of the above chores using only a mobile phone and the strategies we’ll teach you, and all you’ll need is a bill reference number.

TESCO Online Bill

TESCO drops the Electricity Bills at the doorstep of its Consumers at the start of each month.TESCO is a large power supply company that was founded in August 2004.  If the consumer misplaces the physical copy of their original bill, tears it by mistake, or never receives it, they must obtain a duplicate copy of their invoice to pay it.

TESCO Online Bill – Check, Download, and Print

The fact that it is operated under the authority of PEPCO and the Power Division of the Ministry of Energy Pakistan is the secret key to this outstanding organization.

14 Digit reference number

The Duplicate copy can either be obtained online or obtained by visiting a nearby customer service center or the head office. This company’s fundamental goal is to provide power to the tribal parts of Pakistan, as well as the elderly areas of Pakistan and the FRs.

TESCO Online Bill Payment Methods

TESCO recently introduced an online procedure to save its consumers from leaving their comfortable homes and standing in line for hours to get access to duplicate copies of their bills.

TESCO Duplicate Bill Rates Per Unit.




11 to 503.5
251 to 1004.8
3101 to 3008

TESCO Online Bill Check – Print Download Duplicate Bills 2024

Its employees labor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide public key (hard-working) power to tribal communities. They can get their Duplicate Bills online using just a 14-Digit Reference Number. In today’s world, submitting an electrical bill takes a significant amount of time. The Reference Number can be found on the printed Electricity Bills.

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