Sheikha Fatima Institute of Nursing 2024 Admission

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: February 28, 2023

Sheikha Fatima Institute of Nursing, The name suggests Health Sciences an educational facility that was established in Punjab province in “Muslim Town Lahore”.If you’re looking to find the Health Sciences Nursing Course Admission 2024. The institute is associated in the past with Sheikh Zaid Postgraduate Medical Institute Lahore. The institution has released the for 2024. admission announcement and notice of the four-year BSN Degree Program from the period 20246.

Sheikha Fatima Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences Nursing Course Admission 2024

You are in the perfect place. and Health Sciences Lahore is an umbrella through which students can attain a high degree of education and technological expertise and enjoy the benefits of research facilities. The institute is among the most renowned medical training institutions currently in Pakistan and has provided medical training to students over the past several years. Admission 2024 Admission forms can be printed out from web link for admission in BS Nursing 4 Years programs and Post RN-BS Nursing 2 years programs. The prestigious college offers admission every year to a variety of nursing programs. Candidates may select any of the programs if they meet the following requirements for the generic BSN 4 years as well as the Post-RN2 years program. It also announced admissions for the year 2024 A Matric or Science with an FSC Pre-Medical is required to be able to apply for generic BSN Admission.

Sheikha Fatima Institute of Nursing 2024 Criteria for Generic BSN/Post RN

Like every year is also the year that a lot of students will be applying for these positions on merit. Age Criteria: between 17 and 25 for both Admission and Retention. Anyone who is looking for work in these fields, can apply for these positions and have the chance to receive a quality education on a merit-based basis. A certificate in General Nursing or Midwifery Diploma is required for two years of the post-RN program.

Important Information Sheikha Fatima Institute of Nursing 2024 Admission

If you’re also keen on joining the renowned institution and are searching for a Nursing program then you’re in good company. Also, you must have a registration card that is accepted by the Pakistan Nursing Council. You will learn about The Health Sciences Nursing Course Admission 2024 through this highly regarded website, which is available on this page to assist you.sheikha fatima institute of nursing admission

How To Apply for Sheikha Fatima Institute Of Nursing & Health Sciences Admission 2024

Sheikha Fatima Institute Of Nursing & Health Sciences Lahore admission office has announced that admissions are open for the session 2024. Have a look through the following paragraphs. Admissions at Institute Of Nursing ( ) is in progress and the admissions ad in the newspaper and on the website is published.

Sheikha Fatima Institute Of Nursing & Health Sciences SFIMHS Lahore Admission 2024 Last date

Students who have completed an FSC with 50 percent marks or the Matric exam with 55% marks are qualified to take these courses. If you’re seeking admission at Institute Of Nursing the time to apply is very limited for admissions during the fall and spring semesters of 2024.

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