Roshan Apni Car Scheme

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: December 19, 2022

Car Ijarah is Meezan Bank’s auto financing product. It is Pakistan’s first interest-free car financing. Roshan Apni Car is the first Pakistani Digital Islamic car financing. Dubai Islamic Bank customers through the use of their Roshan Digital Account RDA can make an application for Islamic car loans for loved relatives in Pakistan completely electronically in addition to Riba Free. It is built on the Islamic financing method of Ijarah (leasing). Make use of the Dubai Islamic Bank Roshan Digital Account mobile app or the web portal and apply to Islamic auto financing. Relax in peace with our speedy processing time Privilege Markup Rates and an exclusive delivery time set by companies. Well-known brands. This product is perfect for those who wish to obtain interest-free financing when purchasing locally-made or assembled vehicles.

Alfalah Roshan Apni Car for Roshan Digital Account Holders

Bring your family members an exciting new vehicle in Pakistan while you are in the United States! MCB Bank is providing its Roshan Digital Accountholders Naya Pakistan Certificate holders with the possibility to finance a vehicle at a discounted rate as well as a unique insurance package with value-added services and less stringent conditions for loan approval.

BOP Roshan Apni Car

Roshan Apni Car SchemeCar Ijarah works through a car rental contract. Under this, the Bank acquires the vehicle and leases it to customers for a time between 1 and 5 years. As agreed during the signing of the agreement. Customers of the MCB Roshan Digital Account are free to select an individual nominee in Pakistan who could be their partner or one of his/her closest blood family members i.e. siblings, parents, and children. After the Ijarah period at the end of the Ijarah period, the vehicle will be auctioned off for a small amount or gifted to the buyer.

Roshan Apni Car Scheme Calculator

HABIB METRO provides Roshan Apni Car service for non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) as well as foreign Nationals with the Pakistan Origin Card. In a normal Ijarah type, the buyer is not required to pay anything to the Bank to purchase the car at the end of the Ijarah period. This program will permit overseas Pakistanis with a Roshan Digital Account with HABIB METRO to purchase a car for their family members who reside in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Apni Car Scheme

In the Residual Value Ijarah model, monthly rents are much lower than. Those of the standard Ijarah model as the client agrees to pay a specific amount to the Bank for the purchase of the car after the completeness of the Ijarah period. Families from Pakistani families living overseas can get cars at lower costs under the Roshan Apni Car Scheme. The buyer can also choose to instead of paying the Bank and purchasing the car at the end of the Ijarah period it is possible to return the vehicle to the Bank.

Roshan Apni Car Scheme In Urdu

“The Roshan Apni Car” scheme allows non-resident Pakistanis (NRPs) who have Roshan Digital Accounts to buy vehicles at a lower cost. This model allows the customer to rent a car at a much lower rent.roshan apni car scheme

These cars are made available with lower rates of financing (7 percent) for those who live abroad Pakistanis whose families are keen to purchase cars within the country using traditional as well as Islamic banks.

Faysal Bank Roshan Apni Car Calculator

Customers can, based on the amount of their rental capacity, purchase a more expensive car than get under the standard Ijarah model. Roshan Apni Car is specifically designed for Overseas Pakistanis and has many distinctive characteristics,” it stated. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has recently announced his Roshan Apni Car plan to foreign Pakistanis around the globe who have Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA).

Takaful RatesWith TrackerValue Added Services
EFU1.75%Accidental death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 million
Adamjee1.40%– Accidental death Coverage up to PKR 2.5 million – Health insurance plan up to 20.00% of the vehicle or PKR 500,000 whichever is less –
Jubilee Takaful1.75%Online Medical Consultancy
Salam Takaful1.40%Travel Takaful Plan up to USD 50,000

Roshan Apni Car Faysal Bank

“For the first time in banking an RDA owner can apply for financing for a car for loved family members in Pakistan completely online. Initiated in cooperation with The State Bank of Pakistan. The recently announced initiative will not just allow non-resident Pakistanis to purchase brand-new automobiles for their families and loved ones at reduced prices but will also help increase the production of locally assembled vehicles.

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