Ramzan ATTA Subsidy 2024 Registration 8070

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: May 17, 2024

The government of Pakistan has decided to provide a subsidy on Atta during Holy Ramzan ul Mubarak. The ATTA Subsidy program is an integral part of the Ramadan Rashan Program 2024. Deserving families will receive Muft Atta and Rashan free of cost. Eligible citizens can obtain Ramadan Rashan bags from designated free ATTA centers. In 2024, the government provided free Rashan door-to-door for a month. Families eligible for the BISP and Ehsaas programs will receive Ramadan Rashan. This article comprehensively explains the eligibility criteria, registration process, and other pertinent details regarding the Ramzan Atta subsidy for the year 2024.

Ramzan ATTA Subsidy 2024 Program

Ramzan Atta subsidy program is for overall Pakistan. Families can check their eligibility status for the Ramzan Rashan program online. There is no need to visit offices to check the Ramzan Atta subsidy program 2024 eligibility status. Thousands of numbers families will receive free Rashan and ATTa on subsidy rates. Ramzan Rashan Riayat program is helpful for people who are unable to afford their necessities. 

8070 Free Atta Online Check Registration 2024 by SMS

8070 is a special code for checking the free Atta subsidy status. Everyone can send their national identity card no on 8070 and wait for their status. Ramadan Rashan program beneficiaries’ status is updated online.  Ehsaas Ramzan Rashan Program portal is also live for checking the status of the subsidy.

pass.gov.pk Ramadan Rashan Package 2024

Provincial governments are taking initiatives towards overcoming the poverty in the society. Therefore, governments are introducing poverty evaluation schemes. Ehsaas program is a major and bold step for overcoming poverty.

8171 Ehsaas Rashan 25000 Ramadan Package 2024

Ehsas Ramzan Rashan Package 2024 Apply Online  The second section is designed for general store proprietors to see if they qualify for a subsidy from the government for basic household items or not. The Ehsaas Rashan 25000 Ramadan Program was developed in response to this requirement and was designed to provide much-needed support to families in need.

Free Atta PM 8070 Online Apply

So you have to enter your CNIC card number in the chosen area based on your status. The goal of the program is to lift millions from poverty by implementing an approach that is multi-faceted and includes social protection and human capital development as well as economic empowerment.

If you get a positive response, you can then receive Rashan raiyat through Ehsaas Ramzan Program 2024.

Ramadan Muft Atta Scheme 8070

The Ehsaas Program is based on the concepts of transparency, effectiveness, and focus. the same principles were implemented in the implementation of the Ehsaas Rashan 25000 Ramadan Package. Enter your CNIC numbers in the following section, and find out if you are eligible for a discount at certain general stores during this Ramadan thanks to the subsidy provided by the government or not.

How to Check Eligibility for Ramadan Subsidy

They were managed using the National Socio-Economic Register (NSER) which is a database of households that live in poverty. This section is designed for the general stores that wish to help the people in the nation by offering basic household goods at a reduced reasonable price during Ramadan. Candidates can check here

Nigahban Ramzan Atta subsidy

Utilization of the NSER made sure that the bags of food were only given to those families that were worthy and there was no room for bribery or favoritism.



Wheat flour10 kg
Rice5 kg
Sugar2 kg
Cooking oil2 liters
Lentils2 kg
Dates1 kg
Tea1 kg
Vermicelli1 kg
Rooh Afza1 bottle
TotalSufficient for a family of five for the entire month of Ramadan

Ramadan Rashan Package Check Status Online

It is all you have to do is register using the provided link and once you have registered, you will be eligible to receive Rashan at a discount from the government. This feedback mechanism made sure that any concerns or issues could be addressed quickly and the distribution process was continuously increased. So once you have the Rashan you can then sell it to the public for sale at a cost in Ramadan 2024.

Nigahban Ramadan Program 2024

CM Maryam Nawaz Sharif has revised the Ramzan Rashan Program in Punjab. She named the Nigahban Ramadan program 2024. The government is providing free Rashan bags in Ramzan ul Mubarak to beneficiaries’ families.