NTS NAT Solved Past Papers 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: January 9, 2023

National Aptitude Test Sample Papers Past Papers Download from here we will be sharing the Sample Papers of the National Aptitude Test NAT (NAT) which was conducted over the last few years in Pakistan by NTS. You can download NAT NTS MCQs Verbal Logic and Quantitative Logic here.NAT is a vital exam. Students who want to be admitted to NTS-affiliated universities must pass it with at least 50 %. The National Aptitude Test (NAT), administered by NTS, is a test that allows for admission to colleges in Pakistan. The best thing about the NAT test was the fact that students only had to take one NTS exam. Students can then apply to multiple universities based on their NAT Test results. The National Testing Service is responsible for the creation, publication, and maintenance of the NAT. Many top universities accept the NAT exam to admit students into their undergraduate programs.

National Aptitude Test NAT Sample Papers Past Papers 2024

The test is also used by universities and colleges in Pakistan to determine a student’s aptitude for admission. There are many types of NAT tests for each program, including Engineering, Medical, Art, and Computer Sciences.NAT also includes three main parts: Quantitative Logic, Verbal Logic, and Analytic Logic. After passing the exam, you can apply for the program that interests you. The validity period of NAT is one year. The NAT exam has 100 marks and the passing mark is 50 %.

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nts.org.pkStudents must reappear in the NAT test after one year. These Past and Sample Papers for NAT Test will help to pass the exam. Also, if you prepare well, you can score high marks. Candidates can also test their knowledge and ability about the Nat Syllabus after completing NAT model papers. Higher percentiles in the NAT exam will increase your chances of admission to the university you desire.

NTS NAT Solved Past Papers pdf Download

NTS MCQs test preparation helps aspirants to admissions at universities and cadet colleges. Here are the Sample Papers for the NTS NAT Exam. You can download them as a PDF file to get started with your Preparation.NTS English MCQS (Grammars, Tenses, and Meanings of words, etc) are the most common MCQs. Candidates can download past papers from NTS as PDFs free of charge. After completing the National Aptitude Test NAT.

Download NAT Sample Papers with answers

Past papers PDF of NTS solved Mcqs questions online for engineering entry-test jobs written test. Test preparation is the most important thing for any applicant. All candidates and students are eligible to get the assessment for the upcoming NTS exam.nat past papers solved pdf


You can’t pass the written exam of NAT if you don’t prepare for it. All applicants and candidates are welcome to use the NTS Test Portal. These model papers are now available.

Download Sample Papers or Past Papers of NTS NAT 2024

NTS Entry Test Sample Paper, Past papers, Model papers, and sample papers. Basically, Nat is abbreviated National Aptitude Test. This is required for admission to NTS-associated institutes. Different criteria are used to select students.NAT has become the preferred testing system for admission to universities in Pakistan.

Paper Pattern of NAT IM 2018 :

Number of Question



A: TopicNo of Questions
A: Verbal20
A1: Sentence Completion5
A2 : Analogy3
A3 : Antonym4
A4 : Comprehension5
A5 : Synonym3
B: Analytical20
B1: Scenario Based12
B2: Statements Based8
C: Quantitative20
C1 : Arithmetic13
C2 : Algebra4
C3 : Geometry3

nat-ics past papers solved 2024

To assist candidates in preparing for the NTS Jobs test, Entry exam, merit-based scholarships, and the purpose of recruitment, all candidates receive sample papers from NTS. The authoritative body that holds different types of tests in Pakistan is the National Testing Service. Most universities in Pakistan hold tests under the supervision of NTS to provide scholarships and admission.

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