HEC Law GAT Syllabus 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 2, 2023

The Higher Education Commission announced the outline of the Law Graduate Assessment Test ( LAW-GAT) in the last few days. On the following page, We have provided a few examples of the exam in PDF format for applicants who wish to take part in the LAW GAT test. Law Gat Test is held by Pakistan bar councils under the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan four times over the course of a year.

HEC Law GAT Syllabus Past Papers Solved Pdf Download

The syllabus contains chapters on six distinct subjects. If you click this link, you’ll be able to download some examples from the HEC Law GAT Online Registration 2024. The LAW Graduate Assessment Test includes the MCQs that are 100 points. The Higher Education Commission HEC has released that it will be introducing the Law Graduate Assessment Test LAW-GAT exam syllabus for 2024.

Www.hec.gov.pk Law GAT Syllabus

hec.gov.pkBut, the division of marks for each subject is different. The LAW-GAT course 2021 comprises six subjects, including Constitution, Jurisprudence, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Law, Law of Evidence, and Professional Ethics. According to the organization According to the official, according to organization, a GAT exam based on subjects will be conducted.

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The test has 100 points. in MCQs within the LAW Graduate Assessment Test. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan announces the Law Gat syllabus 2024 for the bar license. The candidates who are interested in the exam can obtain interested candidates can get marking division as well as the syllabus information for the entire listed subject for the GAT test.

Law-Gat Syllabus Hec 2024

In order to ensure that applicants who pass their LLB diploma program pass the final exams can are prepared for their LAW GAT exam since there is no way to be licensed without passing the test for law graduate assessment. Take the time to read this article thoroughly to understand the marks division and syllabus information.

LAW GAT Past Papers With Answers 2024

However, this Law GAT syllabus is declared by the Higher education Commission Of Pakistan. The syllabus for this HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test LAW-GAT 2021 as well as Marks Division details are described in the following. AS students studying law have to put in the effort to become a good lawyers, it’s not difficult for these types of applicants.

HEC Law GAT Syllabus

Law Gat Test Date 2024

Candidates are searching to download LAW GAT Exam Syllabus PDF. HEC LAW-GAT Book PDF for Free Download LAW GAT Test 2021 LAW GAT Exam Date in 2021 LAW-GAT Exam Past Papers HEC LAW GAT Test 2021 the LAW GAT registration 2021 as well as LAW GAT Exam Date 2021 Advertisement. According to those who have the ability to take the LAW GAT exam, it’s not an easy test. To find the above-mentioned queries go to the official site of HEC.

Law Gat 2024 Book Pdf Free Download

since the examiner writes an exam that isn’t difficult to pass, even with high scores from a lawyer who is practicing, therefore, you must work hard to be clear of the law-gat test. HEC Pakistan takes the LAT GAT test for law graduates to issue an official practice license.

Updated Syllabus For Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW-GAT)

Civil law20%
Criminal law20%
Law of Evidence20%
International Law10%
Professional Ethics10%

HEC Law GAT Syllabus pdf Download 2024

Candidates who have submitted an application for the Law Graduated Assessment test must download the pattern for the exam syllabus, past papers, and examples of papers. However, in the year 2019, the LAW GAT test was conducted four times.

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