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Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 14, 2023

A Hajj Schedule of Flight 2024 is expected to be announced in the near future. Lahore, Islamabad, Multan Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan Peshawar Northern Region be priced from 8 860 – 50 1150. If you’ve applied for the Private or Government Hajj program 2024 and are interested in knowing the exact flight schedule then ensure that you get on hand the complete details and the entire information directly from this website. Hajj operations from Quetta up to Karachi South Region will be scheduled between 8 810 and 1100 for the season of the pack.

Hajj Draw Result 2024 held on 12th March

The Government Hajj Scheme 2024 is approved by Cabinet. In economy class, travelers are allowed to carry 40 kg of luggage and hand luggage of 7 kg. It was accepted by The Ministry of Religious Affairs. The PIA’s Hajj operation will commence on May 31st. The process for Hajj Application to the Government Hajj Scheme 2024 started in February 2024. The candidates were chosen in March 2024.

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hajjinfo.orgAirline national has employed and published rules on Hajj operation. In accordance with the Hajj Policy 2024, a total of around 81000 Pakistanis would be participating in Hajj. In the words of a PIA spokesperson Hajj operation flights are said to be rearranged under Regions of the North as well as the South Region.

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This Hajj scheme will be from Karachi along with Quetta, Sukkur will be Rs.4,26,575$, which includes Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Rahim Yar Khan You will pay the equivalent of Rs. The rent must pay in Pakistani rupees equivalent to dollars. 4,36,575/- If were among those successful candidates chosen to participate in this Hajj 2024 then you must keep in your head that you must be on the lookout for us on this website each day.

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The translator says that the fare for Quetta-Karachi South Region is fixed at 8 810 from 1100 per season for packs, and for Lahore, Islamabad, Multan along with Peshawar North Region, it has been set between 8 860 and 50 1150. We will let you know when the Government of the Private Hajj flight schedule 2024 is going to be released and published. There will be a rental. Air flights departing between Pakistan from Madinah or Jeddah will be in operation from May 31 until July 3.pia hajj flight schedule pakistan

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The Government and private Hajj Flight Schedule 2024 in Pakistan are not been officially announced by the Ministry of Religious. The spokesperson said they expect that the Hajj operation will be ongoing from July 14 until the 13th of August. If they do announce, we will post the announcement on this page.

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Pilgrims are allowed 40kg of baggage and 7 kg of hand luggage for the Executive Economy Class. More details will be added to the be listed below the table. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Imran Siddiqui stated that this year’s Hajj flight operations are starting at Quetta on the seventh day of next month.

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Additionally, people are looking for Hajj 2024 news. Pakistan — Hajj 2024 updates Pakistan • Hajj 2024 costs Pakistan • Hajj 2024 plans Pakistan authorities and Hajj requests 2024 for Pakistan. In the past, pilgrims from Balochistan were transferred from Balochistan to Karachi and Multan to begin their journey to the holy place.

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