GCUF Chiniot Campus Merit List 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: January 6, 2024

GCUF Chiniot campus admission 2024 will offer a variety of courses for students. In this article, we will discuss the GCUF Chiniot Campus Merit List 2024 and its source.GC University Chiniot campus is one of the campuses that is part of GCUF(government colleges) in Faisalabad). All applicants who have recently applied to their programs will be able to contact the panel by using the application form. So they will be provided with the list of courses that is in the form of the first two courses and the third. It is located in Chiniot city in Pakistan. The official site has arranged the list according to to correspond to the course and the program.

GCUF Chiniot Campus Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

GCUF Chiniot campus is making Pakistan an educational Pakistan. You can then move to our website using our source.GCUF Chiniot campus is a sub-campus within the GCUF. It is a great way to save time instead of having to search for it on different platforms. In fact, you can find additional information about the body that you need to be aware of prior to visiting the website. The primary goal of Chiniot campus GCUF Chiniot campus is to provide an excellent education.

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Then, go through it to find more details to complete your plan. The GCUF Chiniot campus is affiliated with HEC and is fully in line with the rules and standards that are set by the HEC for campuses. In essence, there are various departments and faculties which are holding things for the candidates. The GCUF Chiniot campus is among the ones which HEC recommends studying because they have maintained the standards for the campus.

GCUF Chiniot Campus Merit List 2024

This way, if you plan to into IT You can contact your IT department to learn about it.GCUF Chiniot campus admission 2024 will be open only for one day. On the other, on the other hand, there are Medical and Engineering departments for those who are enthusiastic about their work. Due to corona problems, the admissions may open just a bit later. So you can access and explore the departments on the official website.

GCUF Chiniot Campus fee structure 2024

The GCUF Chiniot campus Admission dates will be announced in a local paper, you can also check our website for updates. Additionally, the panel gives the listing in the order of department for all applicants.GCUF Chiniot campus selects students based on merit. Thus, you will receive an honorable mention of your golf course by obtaining the official. Any gender with a residence in Punjab is qualified for admission.

Last Year Merit Lists 2024

In actual fact, we are planning to make it in the form of a number-wise list. The age limit to be eligible is 20 years old (but it is subject to be altered).In addition, the background of the body is connected to the support of young people.

MSC and MA degrees are prohibited by HEC beginning in December 2024. This is why the name of this company is impressive and everybody is aware of it. therefore there won’t be any degree available in 2024.

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Thus, there are many who choose to study and seek admission. Below you will find what was the GCUF Chiniot campus last year (2024) merit list as well as the supposed merits for GCUF Chiniot Campus admission in 2024.


In this manner, the amount of students who apply makes this institution more well-known in Pakistan.10. The mark will be deductive when you apply within an intermediate year. Therefore, they are choosing the candidates to determine merit.

ProgramMorning %Afternoon %
BS SOCIOLOGY46.1845.36
BS MATH59.1853.27
BS ENGLISH57.0046.64

GCUF Chiniot Campus Merit List 2024 1st

Imagine you completed your Intermediate course in the year 2019, and you decide to apply to be admitted in 2024 and your marks were 880 for Intermediate the 10 marks would be deductive which means your marks are 870. So, they encourage hopefuls to apply and check their names listed on the top list.

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