Cadet College Jhelum Entry Test Result 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: January 31, 2023

Cadet College Jhelum Entry Test Results in 2024 CCJ 8th class Admissions check online here. Instructions for Interview Candidates must report to their respective centers on the day of the interview at 730 hrs. The selected applicants are currently being assessed. Welcome to this Cadet College Jhelum 6th, 7th, and 8th Classes Admission Test 2024 website for those who wish to apply for admission.MCJ List of Merits for 2024 results 1st year

Cadet College Jhelum Entry Test Result 2024

To guarantee fairness To ensure fairness, only those who meet the requirements will be invited to sit for an Intelligence Test and the Interview at the locations designated. Only those who pass the requirements of the test are invited to take an Intelligence Test and Interview at the specified locations. result 2024 finalists will be informed or contacted. You’ll be able to see the results of Jhelum’s Military College results for class 8 of 2024. Self-funding is an option available in a limited amount of seats.

cadet college Jhelum entry test result 2024

Students who pass the test will be invited to the test and the selected candidate will be notified or contacted. Below is a list of students who were accepted to the program. The Cadet College Jhelum Admissions Test Results 2024 as well as the merit list can be accessed on the internet without difficulties.

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MCJ results in the 2024 8th class can be found at this is the most convenient method to find out about the results of your test in the convenience of your home. Military College Jhelum Written Test 1st year and 8th class Entry result 2024 check online via

military college Jhelum entry test 2024

If your Cadet College Jhelum hopefuls will soon be in a position to review your grades. According to the most recent information, Military College Jhelum’s class 8th result for 2024 is scheduled to be announced on 10 December 2024.

Cadet College Jhelum Entry Test Result


Make sure to write a comment in the box with a comment that is all you have to make if you’re having difficulty getting the Cadet College Jhelum merit list. Go to MCJ Edu PK results in 2024 on the official website. Jhelum’s Cadet College is Pakistan’s oldest military academy.

mcj result in the 2024 merit list

1st Year and 8th Class Entrance Tests were held on the 31st of October, 2021 last week. In the name of King George, the Royal Indian Military School was named, and it was later changed to King George Royal Indian Military School.

military college Jhelum result 2024

Military College Jhelum MCJ result of Written Test 1st year and 8th class Entry 2024 check online via Jhelum’s CCJ is located along an important highway that runs through the town of Jhelum. The results of the 1st year entrance-level writing tests are available online. The hills surrounding it create the appearance of an idyllic spot It’s also a residential community.

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The 1st year and the 8th grade entrance test are on 31 October 2021 as per the timetable. The campus has 28 acres that are part of the campus of the college.MCJ result of Written Test 1st year and 8th class Entry 2024 check online via VI-VII the Senior School Class IX-X as well as College Wing Class XIIX-XIII form the three divisions of CCJ Prep School.

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The results of the 1st year entrance test can be found online. The slogan is “Discipline, Honor, and Will”The first year of the year and the 8th grade entrance test on 31 October 2021, in accordance with the program. Applications for admission to the 7th and 8th classes for 2024 are being sought for the new batch. students who have passed those who pass the Intelligence Test appear in the interview.

mcj result 2024 8th class

College NameMilitary College Jhelum
Test dateSunday, 31 October 2024
Result date10 December 2024
Last dateDecember 31, 2024
interview date23rd January 2024

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Fill out the online Application Form here. The candidate selected for the final exam will be only notified or contacted. MCJ Merit list 2024 result, 1st year. Click here for more information. Military college Jhelum results for Class 8 results from 2024 will be announced today, 10 December.

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