Balochistan Local Body Election Results 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: March 14, 2023

Balochistan Local Body Election Results, During the election, violence was reported in several districts, and Qalat and Nauskhi were struck by blasts. Independent candidates have secured an overwhelming majority of seats in the local elections that took place in 32 districts in Balochistan on the 29th of May. Information and details about the initial phase of local body elections 2024 in Balochistan.

Party position in Balochistan local government elections 2024

But, the authorities thwarted terror attacks at Kohlu as well as Chaman. The former ruling party Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf has been able to secure 10 seats in the local body elections held in Balochistan. Just a few hours after polling began there was an unarmed clash that occurred between two groups within Nasirabad Municipal Committee Ward 25. At this point, non-official and unconfirmed results for 1490 wards of 537 seats have been announced. Results 2024, the voting process ended up being suspended for a period of time. Unofficial results are beginning to pour in from various constituencies since the voting in the Balochistan Local Government (LG) elections across 32 districts was over, ARY News reported on Sunday. Polling agents and candidates clashed with one another, and many were injured in the shooting and taken to hospitals, SAMAA TV reported.

Balochistan election 2024 result

According to the latest information, the time for voting ended at five o’clock today in the Balochistan LG polls that were held in 34 out of 32 districts despite rigorous security measures. Violence during elections became deadly In the Qilla Abdullah district where one victim died in Padang while another suffered injuries in Kolak Union Council.

Local bodies election in Balochistan 2024

In Sibbi Two groups fought inside Ward-4 from Union Council Mal Chachar resorting to heavy gunfire. The clashes caused at least 10 injured. Phase for local bodies Ist election will take place in Balochistan on May 29, 2024. At the very least, three of those injured were in critical health. LG Phase I Results as well as other local bodies’ elections in 2024. Union Councils, Wards in urban areas, District councils, and Wards.

Election results in Pakistan today 2024

A new force of Levies came into the vicinity. The final results of the local body elections 2024 in Balochistan Phase 1. The Phase II local body elections will take place on 29th May 2024. Results of the district council chairman and the members of the local body. According to the Returning Officer Wahid Sharif, the voting was resumed after a short time.

Election commission of Balochistan 2024

Candidates’ names and all kinds of information pertaining to the local government elections 2024 of Balochistan. The Loralai polling officers from the rival ANP and BAP were at war over an alleged error in the voter rolls of the Dargai Qilla area. In the 32 districts in these are, local elections for the govt will be scheduled for May 29th, 2024. The process of voting was stopped.balochistan local body election result

Union Council Election Requirements 2024

Balochistan Local Body Election Results, The people of all ages will vote for the representatives from Zilla Council, District Council, Neighbourhood Council, and Village Council. We will give you all the information about the Balochistan local government election. Balochistan local government election in Phase 1.

Baldiyati election 2024 Balochistan schedule

In Chaman, the polls were suspended following the clashes between political activists in Ward-3 which is part of the Chaman Municipal Council. Municipal Council Chaman. In addition to Quetta as well as Lasbela District, 2034 polling stations across 32 districts in Balochistan are designated sensitive as a result of Balochistan’s local body elections.

Balochistan LB Polls Results Summary

District Council SeatsTotal Seats Won
Jamiat e Ulama e Islam (F)4498
Balochistan Awami Party71
Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party39
Pakistan Peoples Party26
National Party26
Balochistan National Party18
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf10
Pakistan Muslim League (N)6

baldiyati election 2024 Balochistan result

Batons were used to disperse political activists in Ward 7 and 21 of Dera Murad Jamali. The security and other preparations are completed. Polling will begin next week at 8 am. At least two were injured including a candidate for the minority seat Mahindra Kumar.

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