1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2024

Posted by: Mohsin Raza On: April 18, 2023

Physics is full of concepts such as Measurements, Vectors, and Equilibrium. Physics is very similar to mathematics in that it requires many calculations to be completed. However, large amounts of numerical data are collected, analyzed, and processed. The data can be used for experiments or real-life research. Students need a guide to help them understand the various subtopics and the complex nature of this course. The educational boards fulfill this need by offering their students the 1st year Physics pairing program in 2024. Zahid Notes now publishes the 1st year physics pairing program 2024 for the Punjab board.

11th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 for All Punjab Boards

Students should be aware that colleges and schools will continue to follow a routine to provide education. 11th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 for All Punjab Boards Actually, an antibiotic is available in injections for COVID-19. You will learn the importance of each chapter in the 2024 physical match plan’s first year. This way, both a regular education schedule and a pairing program of education are provided by the educational department.

web.bisemultan.edu.pk 1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2024

web.bisemultan.edu.pkThe Physics Scheme 1st Year 2024 lists all of the important topics the student must cover to complete his/her preparation. Students can take a look at it and use it to guide their studies. You must note that the Physics 11th Class Paper Scheme is the same for all Punjab boards, including Gujranwala Board and Sahiwal Board.

1st-year physics pairing scheme 2024 Multan board

The physics matching scheme will tell you which chapters are important for Pairing Scheme 2024, and which chapters are important for short questions. The 1st year Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Boards can be found here.

1st year physics scheme

It will also indicate which chapter is most important for MCQ. Students of FSC and ICS can also check the pairing scheme for Physics at this post. You will also find the weight of each chapter’s paper here.

computer scheme 1st year 2024

Students can still get the other subjects pairing scheme based on their intermediate course from this website. It will tell you how many problems each chapter of Physics will have. Our team provides all subject pairings concerning the courses.

physics scheme 1st year 2024 Gujranwala board

11th Class Physics Pairing Scheme 2024 Punjab Board. This platform allows students to find other subject pairings. “Remember, the 11th class pairing scheme for pure study changes each year.


chapter 12 MCQs
chapter 22 MCQs
chapter 32 MCQ
chapter 41 MCQ
chapter 52 MCQs
chapter 61 MCQ
chapter 71 MCQs
chapter 82 MCQs
chapter 91 MCQs
chapter 101 MCQs
chapter 112 MCQs


Question# 2

Short Questions Section

Chapter 1

4 Questions
Chapter 23 Questions
Chapter 32 Questions
Chapter 61 Questions
Chapter 72 Questions


Question# 3

Chapter 44 Questions
Chapter 54 Questions
Chapter 84 Questions


Question# 4

Chapter 93 Questions
Chapter 103 Questions
Chapter 113 Questions


Long Questions

Question 5(a) Chapter 1 or 2 ; (b) Chapter 3
Question 6(a) Chapter 4 ; (b) Chapter 8
Question 7(a) Chapter 5 ; (b) Chapter 6
Question 8(a) Chapter 7 ; (b) Chapter 9
Question 9(a) Chapter 10 ; (b) Chapter 11

English scheme 1st year 2024

The pairing scheme, however, is also the foundation of the alp for students. Every year, paper is produced according to the new Schedule. Students can use this plan to prepare for their annual exams. This Schedule is therefore only for the year 2024. The pairing scheme will be available every year to students, even for the regular syllabus. This page will be updated for 2024 next year.

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